Person: Fraser, Hugh ( 1815-1873)

Name: Hugh Fraser
Life dates: 1815-1873
Gender: Male
Occupation: retailer


Hugh Fraser was born in Cardross, Dunbartonshire on 19 May 1815, the eldest son of Elizabeth Lennox and John Fraser, the owners of Bainfield Inn in Cardross. Hugh lived at the Inn, which became known as Fraser's Inn, for many years and is described as a cloth salesman in the Cardross enumerator's handbook for the 1841 census. In the mid 1840s, he appears to have obtained a position as lace buyer at Stewart & McDonald in Buchanan Street, Glasgow and was later promoted to warehouse manager. Dealing with customers from all over the West of Scotland, Fraser quickly built up a large connection, becoming particularly friendly with James Arthur who bought extensively at the warehouse to stock his shop in Paisley.

In 1849, Arthur and Fraser went into partnership, opening a drapery store in Buchanan Street, Glasgow. Fraser, who had recently married Jane Bunting, resigned from his position at Stewart & McDonald.

Fraser concentrated his attention on the retail side of the business while Arthur concentrated on the wholesale side. In 1855, they created a separate partnership, Arthur & Co, to operate the expanding wholesale business. Fraser was the managing partner. In 1865, the Arthur & Fraser partnership was dissolved and Fraser retired from Arthur & Co.

In 1866, Fraser went into partnership with Alexander McLaren, the manager of the retail branch, to acquire the business of the now defunct Arthur & Fraser. Fraser became the senior partner. The new business traded as Fraser & McLaren.

Hugh Fraser died on 12 February 1873.


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Records held relating to Hugh Fraser:

FRAS 294
Title: Photograph of Hugh Fraser
Date: c 1840s

Related people and companies:

Company name: Stewart & McDonald
Dates of connection: mid 1840s-1849
Connection type: Fraser was lace buyer and later warehouse manager at Stewart & McDonald.
Name: Arthur, James, 1819-1885, clothing retailer and manufacturer
Dates of connection: 1849-1865
Connection type: Fraser went into partnership with Arthur in 1849.
Company name: Arthur & Fraser
Dates of connection: 1849-1865
Connection type: Fraser was a founding partner of Arthur & Fraser.
Company name: Arthur & Co
Dates of connection: 1855-1865
Connection type: Fraser was managing partner of Arthur & Co.
Name: Fraser, James Arthur, 1855-c 1911, retailer
Dates of connection: 1855-1873
Connection type: James Fraser was the eldest son of Hugh Fraser.
Name: Fraser, John, b 1859, retailer
Dates of connection: 1859-1873
Connection type: John Fraser was the second son of Hugh Fraser.
Name: Fraser, Hugh, 1860-1927, retailer
Dates of connection: 1860-1873
Connection type: Hugh Fraser was the third son of Hugh Fraser.
Name: McLaren, Alexander, fl 1850-1875, retailer
Dates of connection: 1866-1873
Connection type: Fraser went into partnership with McLaren in 1866.
Company name: Fraser & McLaren
Dates of connection: 1866-1873
Connection type: Fraser was the senior partner of Fraser & McLaren.

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