Person: McLaren, Alexander ( fl 1850-1875)

Name: Alexander McLaren
Life dates: fl 1850-1875
Gender: Male
Occupation: retailer


In the 1850s, McLaren was merino buyer at Arthur & Co. In 1857, he was appointed manager of the retail branch of Arthur & Fraser.

In 1866, following the dissolution of the Arthur & Fraser partnership, McLaren went into partnership with Hugh Fraser. The new business traded as Fraser & McLaren. McLaren was the junior partner. McLaren retired from the partnership on 31 July 1875.


Moss, Michael and Turton, Alison, A Legend of Retailing: House of Fraser, London 1989

Related people and companies:

Company name: Arthur & Co
Dates of connection: 1857
Connection type: McLaren was merino buyer at Arthur & Co until 1857.
Company name: Arthur & Fraser
Dates of connection: 1857-1865
Connection type: McLaren was manager of Arthur & Fraser's retail branch.
Name: Fraser, Hugh, 1815-1873, retailer
Dates of connection: 1866-1873
Connection type: McLaren went into partnership with Fraser in 1866.
Company name: Fraser & McLaren
Dates of connection: 1866-1875
Connection type: McLaren was the junior partner of Fraser & McLaren.

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