Company: Fraser & McLaren Frasers

Company name: Fraser & McLaren
Dates in business: 1866-1875

Company name: Frasers
Dates in business: 1849 to date

Type of business: drapers

Type of company: Partnership

  • Argyle Street, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Morrison Court, Glasgow, Scotland

Management of company

Hugh Fraser was the senior partner and Alexander McLaren the junior. On Hugh Fraser's death in 1873, James Arthur Fraser, Hugh's eldest son, was immediately assumed as a partner to manage the business alongside Alexander McLaren and his father's trustees: Jane Bunting, his widow, Matthew Pettigrew, Murray Cowbrough and John Snodgrass.

Company history

In March 1866, Hugh Fraser went into partnership with Alexander McLaren, the former manager of Arthur & Fraser's retail branch, in order to carry on the retail drapery business of the now defunct Arthur & Fraser. The partners initially rented showrooms in Argyle Street and Buchanan Street, Glasgow. In April 1867, Hugh Fraser purchased the title to these. Shortly afterwards, he demolished the back building and erected a new warehouse. The business now occupied several buildings in central Glasgow, around Argyle Street, Buchanan Street and Morrison Court. These were badly damaged by a fire on 27 March 1872 and William Spence, a local architect, was commissioned to design new showrooms. Building work began in May 1872 and the new showrooms were opened in 1874. They formed a right angle between Buchanan Street and Argyle Street, with entrances to the retail departments from both sides.

Fraser & McLaren sold drapery as well as dining-room, drawing-room, parlour and bedroom furniture and carpets. The partners also furnished ships built in the Clydeside yards as well as hotels and private houses.

Hugh Fraser died 12 February 1873. In 1875, Alexander McLaren retired from the partnership and the business was renamed Fraser Sons & Co.

Records held for Fraser & McLaren:

FRAS 723
Title: Private ledger
Date: 1856-1871
FRAS 278/1
Title: Private ledger
Date: 1866-1910
FRAS 287/1
Title: Index to private ledger
Date: 1866-1910
FRAS 303
Title: Photograph of drawing of Buchanan Street, Glasgow
Date: c 1850s-1860s
FRAS 299
Title: Photograph of Buchanan Street, Glasgow
Date: 1868
FRAS 300
Title: Photograph of Tontine Faces
Date: c 1950s
The Tontine Faces were stone masks on the Buchanan Street warehouse.

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Arthur & Fraser
Dates of connection: 1866
Connection type: Fraser & McLaren continued Arthur & Fraser's retail business.
Name: Fraser, Hugh, 1815-1873, retailer
Dates of connection: 1866-1873
Connection type: Fraser was the senior partner of Fraser & McLaren.
Name: McLaren, Alexander, fl 1850-1875, retailer
Dates of connection: 1866-1875
Connection type: McLaren was the junior partner of Fraser & McLaren.
Name: Fraser, James Arthur, 1855-c 1911, retailer
Dates of connection: 1873-1875
Connection type: James Fraser succeeded his father, Hugh, as a partner of Fraser & McLaren.
Corporation name: Fraser Sons & Co
Dates of connection: 1875
Connection type: Fraser & McLaren was renamed Fraser Sons & Co in 1875.

Access points: Drapers - Furnishers - Retail trade

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