Record: Private ledger (FRAS 249)

Title: Private ledger
Date: 1835-1882
Reference: FRAS 249
Former reference: HF 57/3/3/1/1   HF 48/4/1  
Physical description: 1 volume  
Origination Wylie & Lochhead

Scope and content:

Private ledger containing the following accounts: joint capital, interest, profit and personal accounts for Robert Wylie, William Lochhead senior, William Lochhead junior, John Wylie, James Barr and the trustees of the late Robert Wylie. It also contains balance sheets.

The ledger also includes signed agreements, 1847-1862, between Robert Wylie, William Lochhead senior, Robert D. Wylie, John Wylie and William Lochhead junior relating to the division of the company's profits.

Additional information:

This private ledger appears to have superseded or replaced a previous series of private ledgers, 1834-1849 (ref: FRAS 248). There is considerable overlap between the two series but it appears that some of the amounts in FRAS 248 were altered and these new amounts copied into FRAS 249. This supposition is supported by the fact that next to some of the entries in FRAS 248 are new amounts written in pencil which correspond to the amounts recorded in FRAS 249.

Record type: Ledgers


Records related to this series:

Title: Private ledgers
Date: 1834-1849
Reference: FRAS 248
Company: Wylie & Lochhead    
Connection: The ledger appear to have been a replacement for these ledgers.

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