Company: Arden Osborn Ltd

Company name: Arden Osborn Ltd
Dates in business: 1950-1959

Type of business: pharmacists

Type of company: Limited liability company

  • Bridge Street, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England

Company history

Arden Osborn Ltd was registered on 1st July 1950 following the purchase of Mr E.A. Osborn's pharmacy business and premises by Berrills Ltd. Purchasing the business for £7,000, Berrills held 999 shares in the new company, with one share being held by Mr H.D. Loeffler, a director of Berrills Ltd and Mawer & Collingham Ltd. Mr Osborn remained with the pharmacy, serving as a director in the new company.

The primary motivation in the purchase of the business was to secure its premises, which joined Berrills' own premises on both sides. The purchase agreement not only included the lease of the premises for 5 years, but also the option to buy the premises within this 5 year period.

In 1959, the Managing Chemist, Mr Smith, left the company to establish his own pharmacy in another part of Spalding. Berrills' directors took this opportunity to sell the pharmacy business and retain the Bridge Street premises.

Records held for Arden Osborn Ltd:

FRAS 1028
Title: Statements of account
Date: 1955-1968

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Berrills Ltd
Dates of connection: 1950
Connection type: Arden Osborn Ltd was the subsidiary of Berrills Ltd from its incorporation in 1950 until its sale in 1959.

Access points: Pharmacists

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