Company: Berrills Ltd

Company name: Berrills Ltd
Dates in business: fl1930-1971

Type of business: drapers

Type of company: Private limited company

  • Bridge Street, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England

Company history

In November 1934, the directors of Berrills Ltd offered Mawer & Collingham Ltd the opportunity to purchase the shares of the late Mr Albert George Berrill. In early 1935, Mawer & Collingham Ltd made an offer to purchase the 14,146 shares at a price of 29 shillings per share. An agreement between the two companies was reached in March 1935, and Ernest Albert Loeffer and William Hames Cowley Smith were appointed as Mawer & Collingham Ltd's representatives on the Berrills Ltd board of directors.

In 1950, Berrills Ltd purchased the pharmacy business of E.A. Osborn. The primary motivation for the purchase was to secure the pharmacy's premises at 7 Bridge Street, which joined their own premises on both sides. In 1959, the company took the opportunity to sell the pharmacy business and retain the premises.

Berrills Ltd continued to trade under its own name throughout the mid twentieth century, until it ceased trading on 16th January 1971. The store premises were then sold off by Mawer & Collingham throughout the 1970s.

Records held for Berrills Ltd:

FRAS 1028
Title: Statements of account
Date: 1955-1968
FRAS 1021
Title: Sales graphs
Date: 1928-1961

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Mawer & Collingham Ltd
Dates of connection: 1950
Connection type: Mawer & Collingham Ltd purchased the majority shareholding in Berrills Ltd in 1935.
Corporation name: Arden Osborn Ltd
Dates of connection: 1950-1959
Connection type: Arden Osborn Ltd was a wholly owned subsidiary of Berrills Ltd.

Access points: Drapers

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