Record: Registers of seals (FRAS 936)

Title: Registers of seals
Date: 1929-1981
Reference: FRAS 936
Former reference: HF 51/1/2/4   HF 8/15/2  
Physical description: 2 volumes  
Origination John Barker & Co Ltd

Scope and content:

Registers of documents sealed by the company seal. Details recorded are a description of the document, the date of sealing, the parties, the folio of the minute book authorising the seal, the people the document was signed by, how the document was disposed of and other remarks.

Record type: Registers


Records held within this series:

Title: Register of seals (No 2)
Date: June 1929-August 1953
Reference: FRAS 936/1
Former reference: HF 51/1/2/4/2   HF 8/15/2A  
Physical description: 1 volume  
Origination John Barker & Co Ltd

Title: Register of seals (No 3)
Date: August 1953-May 1981
Reference: FRAS 936/2
Former reference: HF 51/1/2/4/3   HF 8/15/2B  
Physical description: 1 volume  
Origination John Barker & Co Ltd

Records related to this series:

Title: Minutes of meetings of board of directors
Date: 1894-1988
Reference: FRAS 938
Company: John Barker & Co Ltd    
Connection: Decisions made by the board of directors regarding the sealing of documents are recorded in the minutes.

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