Record: Private ledger (FRAS 66)

Title: Private ledger
Date: 1941-1948
Reference: FRAS 66
Former reference: HF 12/3/1/1/1   HF 76/2/1  
Physical description: 1 volume (with lock)  
Origination Gordon & Stanfield Ltd

Scope and content:

Includes goodwill account, allotment share capital account, vendors account, heritable property account, investments account, stock in trade account, bank accounts, cash accounts, dividend account, loan accounts, charges accounts, preliminary expenses account, tax accounts, realisation account, sales accounts, purchases accounts, salaries and wages accounts, rents and rates accounts, insurance accounts, services accounts, advertising account, postage and stationery accounts, despatch account, travelling expenses account, repairs accounts, subscriptions account, property revenue account, legal expenses account, depreciation account, bad debts account, war damage contribution account, discount account, general ledger account, House of Fraser Ltd account, Fraser Estates Ltd account, Alex G Forrest account, profits prior to incorporation account, profits appropriation account, trading account, profit and loss accounts, House of Fraser Ltd profit and loss account.

There is an index to the accounts at the front of the volume.

Additional information:

Some entries in the private ledger appear to have been posted from the journal, 1941 (ref: FRAS 68).

Record type: Ledgers

Function: Financial accounting

Records related to this series:

Title: Journal
Date: 1941
Reference: FRAS 68
Company: Gordon & Stanfield Ltd    

Title: Purchase day book
Date: 1941-1942
Reference: FRAS 67
Company: Gordon & Stanfield Ltd    

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