Company: Kurt Geiger Holdings Ltd

Registration number: 00968046

Company name: Kurt Geiger Holdings Ltd
Dates in business: 1969-2011

Type of business: Management company

Type of company: Private limited company 1969

  • London, England

Company history

Kurt Geiger Holdings Ltd was incorporated in 1969 as Magli S.P.A. (London) Limited. Trading as Kurt Geiger, Bruno Magli and Carvela shoes, the company imported and retailed quality Italian shoes and accessories for women. When acquired by the House of Fraser in 1985, both Kurt Geiger and Carvela already operated concession shops in a number of Fraser's stores.

The company continues to trade in 2011 as Kurt Geiger Limited.

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: House of Fraser Ltd
Dates of connection: 1985
Connection type: House of Fraser plc acquired Kurt Geiger Holdings Ltd in 1985.

Access points: Department store managment companies

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