Company: RJ Smith Ltd

Registration number: 36574

Company name: RJ Smith Ltd
Dates in business: 1961-1981

Type of business: Department store

Type of company: Private limited liability company 1961-1981

  • 94-96 Union Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • 9 Market Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland

Company history

RJ Smith, Aberdeen was incorporated as a private limited company in 1961, although it had traded as a business prior to this date. The first directors of the company were Richard, Howard and Getrude Smith. The company was bought by House of Fraser Plc in 198, when the company's name was changed to Frasers Aberdeen) Ltd

Records held for RJ Smith Ltd:

FRAS 1847
Title: Minutes
Date: 1961-1988
FRAS 1848
Title: Registe of members
Date: 1961-1981

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: House of Fraser Plc
Dates of connection: 1982-

Access points: Drapers - Retail trade

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