Company: WS Green Ltd

Registration number: 219841

Company name: WS Green Ltd
Dates in business: 1927-c1976

Type of business: Drapers

Type of company: Private limited liability company 1927

  • 17-23 Chequer Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England

Company history

WS Green Ltd, Draper, St Albans, was incorporated as a private limited company in 1927 and had traded prior to this. Army & Navy Stores Ltd purchased the company in 1955, although Col. WH Green remained on the board of directors until 1963. The company already owned 17-23 Chequer Street, St Albans, and in 1955 purchased 3,5,7,9 & 11 Chequer Street, St Albans, and carried out extensive renovations. The freehold properties owned by the company were sold in 1969 for 300,000.

Records held for WS Green Ltd:

FRAS 1844
Title: Minutes
Date: 1949-1976
FRAS 1845
Title: Memorandum and articles of association
Date: 1927
FRAS 1846
Title: Register of members
Date: 1927-1976
FRAS 1878
Title: Certificate of incorporation
Date: 1927
FRAS 1879
Title: Register of members
Date: 1962-1976

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Army & Navy Stores Ltd
Dates of connection: 1934-1974
Connection type: Army & Navy Stores Ltd bought WS Green Ltd in 1955
Corporation name: House of Fraser Plc
Dates of connection: 1982-
Connection type: House of Fraser Plc bought Army & Navy Stores Ltd in 1974

Access points: Drapers - Retail trade

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