Company: J Della Porta Son & Rabnett

Registration number:

Company name: J Della Porta Son & Rabnett
Dates in business: 1869-1901

Type of business: Department store retailer

  • Princess Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
  • The Square, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

Company history

Della Portas Ltd, Shrewsbury was first established in 1857 by Joseph Della Porta, who had come to England from Shrewsbury about 10 years previously. He opened his first small store on Princess Street, from which he expanded the business by buying adjoining buildings on the corner of The Square. By 1869 the firm was known as J Della Portas Son & Rabnett. Arthur Rabnett was married to Joseph Della Porta's eldest daughter. Rabnett later broke from the partnership with his father-in law to open his own business, and from about 1901 the business was known as J Della Porta & Son. Joseph Della Porta died in 1904 and his son john Lewis Della Porta took over management of the business. When he himself died in 1929 his son Joseph William Della Porta was the last of the family to take an active interest in running the business. Della Portas Ltd was incorporated as a private limited company in 1930

Records held for J Della Porta Son & Rabnett:

FRAS 1826
Title: Circulars
Date: 1893-1907

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: J Della Porta & Son
Dates of connection: 1901-1930
Connection type: When Rabnett, left the business to set up on its own the name changed to J Della Porta & Son
Corporation name: Della Portas Ltd
Dates of connection: 1930-1975
Connection type: Della Portas was incorporated as a private limited company in 1930
Corporation name: Hide & Co Ltd
Dates of connection: 1924-1975
Connection type: Hide & Co bought Della Portas Ltd in 1948, and ran it as a subsidiary
Corporation name: House of Fraser Plc
Dates of connection: 1982-
Connection type: The parent company Della Portas Ltd, Hide & Co Ltd, was bought by House of fraser Plc in 1975

Access points: Retail trade - Department stores

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