Company: T C Dunning & Son Ltd

Registration number:

Company name: T C Dunning & Son Ltd
Dates in business: 1930-1975

Type of business: Drapers

Type of company: Private limited liability company 1930-1975

  • 17-19 Faith Street, Maidstone, Kent, England
  • 69-77 Week Street, Maidstone, Kent, England
  • 9-11 Market Street, Maidstone, Kent, England

Company history

T C Dunning & Son Ltd, Maidstone, Drapers, was registered as a private limited company in 1930, but had been trading as a partnership since the 19th century. The company was owned and run by the Dunning family until 1956, when it was sold to Hide & Co Ltd. Hide & Co Ltd itself was bought by House of Fraser in 1975

Records held for T C Dunning & Son Ltd:

FRAS 1796
Title: Ledgers
Date: 1902-1955
FRAS 1797
Title: Photograph of store exterior
Date: c1930s
FRAS 1798
Title: Register of Members
Date: 1930/1975
FRAS 1799
Title: Minutes
Date: 1931/1977
FRAS 1800
Title: Annual accounts
Date: 1934-1935
FRAS 1801
Title: Annual account books
Date: 1902-1938

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Hide & Co Ltd
Dates of connection: 1924-1975
Connection type: Hide & Co Ltd bought T C Dunning in 1956
Corporation name: House of Fraser Plc
Dates of connection: 1982-
Connection type: House of Fraser bought Hide & Co Ltd, who owned T C Dunning & Son Ltd in 1975

Access points: Drapers - Retail trade

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