Company: A C Illum A/S

Company name: A C Illum A/S
Dates in business: 1891-1972

Type of business: Department store retailers

Type of company: Private limited liability company 1891-1972

  • Ostergade, Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Company history

A C Illum A/S, Copenhagen, department store, was acquired by House of Fraser in November 1972. At this time A C Illum A/S employed 800 staff and had recently been modernised. The company made losses for House of Fraser and was put back on the market in 1978. No buyer was found so the company was brought under direct control of House of Fraser. A C Illum A/S was still trading as department store retailers from the same premises in 2009.

Records held for A C Illum A/S:

FRAS 1702
Title: Director's report
Date: 1972
FRAS 1703
Title: Winter catalogue
Date: 1973
FRAS 1704
Title: Photographs
Date: c1917-c1970
FRAS 1711
Title: Press cuttings
Date: 1972

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: House of Fraser Ltd
Dates of connection: 1972
Connection type: A C Illum A/S was acquired by House of Fraser Ltd in 1972.

Access points: Department stores - Retail trade

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