Company: Norman Jones & Co

Registration number:

Company name: Norman Jones & Co
Dates in business: 1880s-1918

Type of business: Drapers

Type of company: Private company c.1880s

  • 13, 15, 17, 19 King Street, Bridlington, Yorkshire, England
  • 6,8 Chapel Street, Bridlington, Yorkshire, England
  • The "Exchange" Promenade, Bridlington, Yorkshire, England

Company history

During the 1880's the shop was under the partnership of Messrs. Makins & Bean but following Mr Makin's withdrawal Mr. Bean took into partnership his Manager a Mr. Norman Jones. Soon after there was yet another change and Mr. Bean dropped out and the shop became Norman Jones & Company.

On Mr. Jones' death early in 1911 the business had to be sold. It was offered for sale by Mr. William Powell of Messrs. Hammonds of Hull and was bought by Mr.R.H. Carlton who was then Managing Director of Maw, Till Kirke & Co., of Hull. Messrs. Richard Cross & Son of London acted for the purchaser.

On May 6th 1911 the store known all over the East Riding of Yorkshire as Au Bon Marche, opened its doors to the biggest drapery sale ever known in Bridlington. The new owners were out to make some big changes and the stock was offered for sale at a fraction of its normal price. The front doors in King Street had to be kept fastened. The police kept the queues in order and customers were admitted a few at a time and were let out into Chapel Street after making their purchases.

The shop continued to trade as Norman Jones & Co until 1918 when the company was changed into a private Limited Company and its name was changed to Carlton's Limited.

Records held for Norman Jones & Co:

FRAS 1203
Title: Advertisements
Date: 1911

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Carlton's Ltd
Dates of connection: 1911
Connection type: Norman Jones & Co was bought by Mr. R.H. Carlton in 1918.

Access points: Drapers

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