Company: Peter Moir

Company name: Peter Moir
Dates in business: 1861-c 1909

Type of business: funeral undertakers and carriage hirers

Type of company: Sole trader

  • James Place, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Home Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Great Junction Street, Leith, Scotland
  • Main Street, Newhaven, Scotland
  • West Richmond Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Halmyre Street, Leith, Scotland

Company history

Peter Moir established a funeral undertaking and carriage hiring business in Edinburgh in 1861. In 1877, the business' main office was in James Place, Edinburgh. During the 1880s and 1890s, it also had branches in Nicolson Street, Home Street, Great Junction Street in Leith and Main Street in Newhaven. By 1906, the business had branches in West Richmond Street, Bruntsfield Place and Great Junction Street and stables in Halmyre Street., Leith.

In about 1909, the business was acquired by W T Dunbar & Sons Ltd, another funeral undertaking and carriage hiring business in Edinburgh.

Records held for Peter Moir:

FRAS 930
Title: Funeral day book
Date: 1904-1909

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: W T Dunbar & Sons Ltd
Dates of connection: c 1909
Connection type: W T Dunbar & Sons Ltd acquired Peter Moir in about 1909.

Access points: Undertakers - Vehicle hirers

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