Company: Colson & Co

Registration number:

Company name: Colson & Co
Dates in business: 1889-1925

Type of business: Drapers and silk mercers

Type of company: Private limited liability company 1889

  • 32-42 High Street, Exeter, Devon, England
  • Manchester, England

Company history

In 1870, John Colson (it is not certain if this was John Worthy Colson or his son), formed another partnership and the store became known as Colson and Gates. In 1887, his eldest son George, took over the business. In the same year George became Sheriff of Exeter. Also in 1887, Colsons had a macabre increase in trade when they gave their entire stock of calico to wrap the bodies of the victims, after the Theatre Royal fire in Longbrook Street, which killed 186.

In 1913, the business was bought by the Exeter JP, Sir Edgar Plummer who ran the store for 12 years before selling it to Bright's of Bournemouth in 1925. The trading name of Bright and Colsons was born.

Records held for Colson & Co:

Title: Bill heading
Date: c.1887
Title: Birthday telegram to Mr. Colson from the store staff
Date: 1954
Title: Notes relating to the history of the store
Date: 1940
Title: Inventory of store fixtures and fittings and household furniture
Date: 1898
Title: Leaflets and circulars to store customes
Date: 1915-1960
Title: Catalogues
Date: 1912-1916
Title: Photographs
Date: 1870-1979
Title: Journals
Date: 1912-1919

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Colson & Sparks
Dates of connection: 1832
Connection type: Colson & Sparks was a short lived partnership which ended in 1832
Corporation name: Bright & Colson Ltd
Dates of connection: 1925
Connection type: In 1925 Colsons was bought by Brights stores, Bournemouth, and began trading as Colsons of Exeter.
Corporation name: House of Fraser
Dates of connection: 1969
Connection type: In 1969 House of Fraser took over Colsons and in 1973 changed its name to Dingles.
Corporation name: Brights
Dates of connection: 1925
Connection type: In 1925 Colsons was bought by Brights stores, Bournemouth.

Access points: Department stores - Retail trade

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