Company: J & A Ogilvie Ltd

Company name: J & A Ogilvie Ltd
Dates in business: 1846-1987

Type of business: house furnishers and cabinetmakers

Type of company:

  • Union Street, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Willowbank Road, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Albury Road, Aberdeen, Scotland

Company history

J & A Ogilvie, house furnishers and cabinetmakers, was established in 1846 in Aberdeen by James Ogilvie and Alexander Ogilvie. The business had a store in Union Street and a factory in Willowbank Road. In 1955, the business was acquired by Wylie & Lochhead Ltd. In 1957, Wylie & Lochhead Ltd and its subsidiaries, including J & A Ogilvie Ltd, was acquired by House of Fraser Ltd. In c 1966, J & A Ogilvie Ltd opened a new factory in Albury Road. The name, J & A Ogilvie Ltd, ceased to be used in 1987.

Records held for J & A Ogilvie Ltd:

FRAS 872
Title: Minutes of meeting of board of directors
Date: November 1872
FRAS 874
Title: Photographs
Date: c 1890s-1970s
FRAS 873
Title: Newspaper article on new factory in Albury Road, Aberdeen
Date: August 1966

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Wylie & Lochhead Ltd
Dates of connection: 1955
Connection type: Wylie & Lochhead Ltd acquired J & A Ogilvie Ltd in 1955.
Corporation name: House of Fraser Ltd
Dates of connection: 1957
Connection type: House of Fraser Ltd acquired J & A Ogilvie Ltd in 1957.

Access points: Cabinetmakers - Furnishers - Retail trade

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