Company: Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson & Co Ltd

Company name: Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson & Co Ltd
Dates in business: 1853-fl1988

Type of business: Department store

Type of company: Limited liability company 1880

  • Castle Place, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Munster Arcade , Cork, Ireland
  • 53 Quay , Waterford, Ireland
  • 61 William Street, Dublin, Ireland

Company history

Originally Hawkins, Robertson & Co., the business changed its name to Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson & Co Ltd on the death of Mr. Hawkins in 1878. The business was formed into a limited liability company in 1880.

In 1969 House of Fraser took control, for 1.4 million, of Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson & Co Ltd. It was sold in 1979 due to a combination of difficult trading conditions caused by a series of strikes in addition to unrest in Northern Ireland.

Records held for Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson & Co Ltd:

FRAS 1115
Title: Directors report and statement of accounts
Date: 1968-1969
FRAS 1119
Title: Share and stock registers
Date: 1932-1988
FRAS 1120
Title: Photographs
Date: 1960-1979
FRAS 1121
Title: Souvenir book
Date: 1903
FRAS 1122
Title: Company minutes
Date: 1975-1988
FRAS 1123
Title: Register of directors or managers
Date: 1901-1987

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: House of Fraser
Dates of connection: 1969-1979
Connection type: House of Fraser took control of Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson & Co Ltd in 1969.

Access points: Department stores - Retail trade - Furnishers

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