Company: Cottage Homes

Company name: Cottage Homes
Dates in business: 1832-fl1982

Type of business: Charity

Type of company: Charity 1832

  • Guildhall, London,

Company history

Previously known as the Linen and Woollen Drapers, Silk Mercers, Lacemen, Haberdashers and Hosiers' Institution, The Cottage Homes was a trade benevolent organisation which served those of the rank of assistant or clerk, and above, in the distributive sections of the clothing trade (of both sexes and all ages) and the drapery and allied trades in all departments.

The estates supported by the organisation, for example Mill Hill near London and Leylands near Derby, were seen as much more than a collection of houses and flats. The average age of the residents was advanced and therefore it was expected they would need a certain amount of nursing care. As well as having the option of living independantly, each estate had nursing cottages and rest homes where residents would be catered and be able to receive skilled attention.

The charity's main aim was the comfort and happiness of its residents as well as to promote a new awareness of the moral responsibility on the part of employers for the welfare of their employees.

Records held for Cottage Homes:

FRAS 1114
Title: Souvenir brochures and programmes
Date: 1960-1982

Related People and Companies:

Name: Sir Hugh Fraser
Dates of connection: 1936-1988
Connection type: Sir Hugh Fraser was Appeal President from 1942 until 1964

Access points: Fundraising - Charities - Housing

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