Company: George Outram & Co Ltd

Company name: George Outram & Co Ltd
Dates in business: 1903-2002

Type of business: Printers

Type of company: Limited liability company 1903

  • 65 Buchanan Street, Glasgow,

Company history

George Outram & Co was the publisher and printer of The Glasgow Herald, The Bulletin (founded 1876), The Evening Times and a number of weekly periodicals. It was incorporated as a limited liability company, George Outram & Co Ltd , in 1903. The firm were pioneers in the use of high-speed printing and installed new rotary presses in 1936. The company still existed in 2002 in a dormant state.

Records held for George Outram & Co Ltd:

FRAS 1111
Title: Annual report and accounts
Date: 1965

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Scottish & Universal Investments Ltd
Dates of connection: 1961-1978
Connection type: In 1965 Scottish and Universal Investments Limited acquired a controlling interest in George Outram and Company Limited

Access points: Printing

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