Company: Artillery Mansions Ltd

Registration number: 62023

Company name: Artillery Mansions Ltd
Dates in business: 1899-c 1970s

Type of business: property managers

  • Westminster, London, England

Company history

Artillery Mansions Ltd was registered 10 May 1899, with its registered office at 105 Victoria Street, Westminster, London. It was a property management company, with responsibility for letting flats and offices in Artillery Mansions, Victoria Street. The flats had originally been designed to give a base in London to service personnel coming home on leave. The company was bought by Army & Navy Stores Ltd in 1946. It was still in existence in 1971.

Records held for Artillery Mansions Ltd:

FRAS 603
Title: Minutes of meetings of board of directors
Date: 1899-1900
FRAS 675
Title: Notebook relating to Army & Navy Stores Ltd and its subsidiaries
Date: 1970s

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Army & Navy Stores Ltd
Dates of connection: 1946
Connection type: Army & Navy Stores Ltd bought Artillery Mansions Ltd in 1946.

Access points: Property managers

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