Company: A. & N. Management Ltd

Registration number: 690505

Company name: A. & N. Management Ltd
Dates in business: 1961-1978

Type of business: department store management company

Type of company: Limited liability company

  • Victoria Street, London, England

Management of company

The first directors of the company were Edward Desmond Wainwright, James Williamson, Roy Stewart Davidson, Edward Leslie Hollands, Martyn Desmond Gadesden Wainwright and Thomas Alfred Joy. The directors were appointed by the Army & Navy Stores Ltd, which controlled the voting power of the company.

Company history

A. & N. Management Ltd was incorporated on 21 April 1961. Its registered office was at 105 Victoria Street, Westminster, London. It was formed by Army & Navy Stores Ltd to undertake the management of the company's retail business in Westminster, London. It was liquidated in 1978.

Records held for A. & N. Management Ltd:

FRAS 510
Title: Certificate of incorporation
Date: 1961
FRAS 540
Title: Memorandum and articles of association
Date: 1961
FRAS 600
Title: Combined register
Date: 1961-1974
FRAS 541
Title: Minutes of meetings of board of directors
Date: 1961-1976
FRAS 675
Title: Notebook relating to Army & Navy Stores Ltd and its subsidiaries
Date: 1970s
FRAS 613
Title: Papers relating to liquidation of dormant subsidiaries of Army & Navy Stores Ltd
Date: 1978-1980
Includes balance sheets of A. & N. Management Ltd, 1977-1979.

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Army & Navy Stores Ltd
Dates of connection: 1961-1978
Connection type: Army & Navy Stores Ltd delegated the management of its retail business in Westminster to A. & N. Management Ltd.

Access points: Department store management companies - Retail trade

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