Company: Brown Smith & Co Ltd

Registration number: 17640

Company name: Brown Smith & Co Ltd
Dates in business: 1933-1988

Type of business: wholesale clothiers

Type of company: Private limited liability company

  • Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland

Management of company

The first directors of the company were William Walker Brown (chairman and secretary) and Norah Winkley Brown.

Company history

Brown Smith & Co Ltd, wholesale clothiers, was incorporated in December 1933. Its registered office was at 14 Buchanan Street, Glasgow. In May 1948, it was acquired by House of Fraser Ltd, department store retailers, of Glasgow. It was one of the first companies to be acquired by House of Fraser Ltd after it had converted into a public company in December 1947. Brown Smith & Co Ltd was wound up in 1988.

Records held for Brown Smith & Co Ltd:

FRAS 487
Title: Annual returns
Date: 1940-1947
FRAS 488
Title: Combined register
Date: 1948-1988
FRAS 486
Title: Minutes of meetings of board of directors and general meetings of shareholders
Date: 1933-1947, 1980-1988
FRAS 871
Title: Resolution passed at meeting of board of directors
Date: May 1948

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: House of Fraser Ltd
Dates of connection: 1948
Connection type: House of Fraser Ltd acquired Brown Smith & Co Ltd in 1948.

Access points: Clothiers - Wholesale trade

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