Company: JF Rockheys Ltd

Registration number: 66435

Company name: JF Rockheys Ltd
Dates in business: 1900-1973

Type of business: Department store retailer

Type of company: Private limited liability company 1900/1973

  • 49-53 Fleet Street, Torquay, Devon, England
  • , Newton Abbot, Devon, England

Company history

JF Rockhey Ltd, Torquay, Department store was incorporated as a private limited company in 1900. The business was established in 1981 when John Fry Rockhey bought a small drapery business on Fleet Street, Torquay from a Peter Thomas. He was joined by Mr TS Bulleid the following years and over the following years the business expanded taking over four more shops in the same block. When the business was incorporated Mr JF Rockhey became the chairman, and Mr TS Bulleid a director. When JF Rockhey died TS Bulleid took over the chairmanship. When he himself died in 1937, his son RF Bulleid took over as chairman, another of his sons, JF Bulleid was made a director

The premises were extensively remodelled in 1939-1940, opening up areas which had previously been used for staff accomodation for use as retail space. On the top floor a cafe-restaurant was opened, decorated in "The Hungarian Style" which had an outside terrace with views of the sea. To the rear of the store was a free carpark for customers

JF Rockhey Ltd was bought in 1948 by DH Evans & Co Ltd, but continued to trade under the Rockhey's name both in Torquay and at the smaller Newton Abbot store. Harrods Ltd acquired the whole share capital of DH Evans Ltd in 1954, although the companies had been associated with each other since the incorporation of DH Evans Ltd in 1892. Later that same year Harrods was bought by House of Fraser Ltd. When House of Fraser bought west-country based department store chain E Dingle & Co Ltd in 1971, it transfered ownership of JF Rockhey Ltd to the Dingles group.

Records held for JF Rockheys Ltd:

FRAS 1862
Title: Minutes
Date: 1900-1942
FRAS 1863
Title: Memorandum and articles of association
Date: 1900
FRAS 1864
Title: Certificate of incorporation
Date: 1900
FRAS 1865
Title: Register of members
Date: 1920-1948
FRAS 1866
Title: Inventory and valuation
Date: c1948
FRAS 1867
Title: Licence and deed of covenant
Date: 1960
FRAS 1868
Title: Engagement form
Date: c1960s
FRAS 1869
Title: Store guide
Date: c1940s
FRAS 1870
Title: Assignments and agreements relating to the purchase of JF Rockhey Ltd
Date: 1971
FRAS 1871
Title: Photographs of employees taken in-store
Date: c1950
FRAS 1872
Title: Photographs of Father Christmas
Date: c1970s
FRAS 1873
Title: Photographs of staff parties
Date: 1949-1950
FRAS 1874
Title: Photographs of weightwatchers fashion show
Date: 1974
FRAS 1875
Title: Photographs of staff with trophies
Date: c1950s
FRAS 1876
Title: Photograph of store exterior
Date: c1920s
FRAS 1877
Title: Dissected sales ledger
Date: 1934-1939

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: DH Evans & Co Ltd
Dates of connection: 1894-1954
Connection type: DH Evans & Co Ltd bought JF Rockhey Ltd in 1948
Corporation name: Harrods Ltd
Dates of connection: 1889-
Connection type: Harrods Ltd bought DH Evans & Co Ltd in 1954
Corporation name: House of Fraser Plc
Dates of connection: 1982-
Connection type: House of Fraser Plc bought Harrods Ltd in 1954
Corporation name: E Dingle & Co Ltd
Dates of connection: 1894-1954
Connection type: House of Fraser transfered ownership of JF Rockheys Ltd from DH Evans & Co Ltd to E Dingle & Co Ltd in 1973

Access points: Retail trade - Department stores

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