Company: Mawer & Collingham

Company name: Mawer & Collingham
Dates in business: 1810-1900

Type of business: wholesale and retail drapers

Type of company: Sole proprietor 1810-1822

Type of company: Partnership 1822-1829

Type of company: Sole proprietor 1829-c1860s

Type of company: Partnership c1860s-1873

Type of company: Sole proprietor 1873-1900

  • High Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

Company history

Founded in Lincoln, England, the exact date of the foundation of the department store retailer Mawer & Collingham is unknown. William Mawer traded as a linen draper from his premises at 229 High Street, Lincoln, from c1810. Subsequent to his apprenticeship to William Mawer and marriage to Mawer's daughter Elizabeth, Joseph Collingham signed articles of partnership with William Mawer (elder) and William Mawer (younger) in 1822. Collectively, the partnership traded initially as Mawer, Son & Co, later changing to Mawer & Collingham. The purchase of the freehold of 228 High Street, Lincoln, in 1826 served to expand the existing shop premises. Joseph Collingham became the sole proprietor in 1829, and his son Joseph Mawer Collingham was brought into partnership sometime before 1873. Joseph Mawer Collingham became the sole proprietor in 1873 and remained so until 1900, when the company was incorporated as a private limited company, Mawer & Collingham Ltd.

By the time of its incorporation, the company's trade had diversified to include wholesale and retail drapers, silk mercers, haberdashers, milliners, dressmakers, tailors, hatters, furriers, lacemen, clothiers, hosiers, glovers and general outfitters, carpet warehousemen, upholsterers and house furnishers and decorators.

Records held for Mawer & Collingham:

FRAS 1006
Title: Salary books
Date: 1871-1923
FRAS 1007
Title: Apprenticeship agreements
Date: 1890-1946
FRAS 1008
Title: Press cuttings
Date: 1898-1966
FRAS 1009
Title: Photographs
Date: c1880-1980
FRAS 1018
Title: Articles of co-partnership between William Mawer, Senior, William Mawer, Junior and Joseph Collingham
Date: 1822
FRAS 1022
Title: Annual summary purchase and sales totals
Date: 1890-1899
FRAS 1029
Title: Legal records
Date: 1844-1980
FRAS 1032
Title: Store drawings and prints
Date: c1850s-1940s

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Mawer & Collingham Ltd
Dates of connection: 1900-1980
Connection type: Mawer & Collingham Ltd was incorporated in 1900 to carry on the business of Mawer & Collingham

Access points: Department stores - Retail trade

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