Company: James Howell & Co

Registration number:

Company name: James Howell & Co
Dates in business: 1865-1909

Type of business: department store retailers

Type of company: Private company

  • Stuart Hall, Hayes, Cardiff, Wales
  • St. Mary Street, Cardiff, Wales
  • Wharton Street, Cardiff, Wales
  • Trinity Street, Cardiff, Wales

Company history

On 21 October 1865, James Howell opened his drapery shop in a building called Stuart Hall, in the Hayes, Cardiff, Wales. Howell had previously been apprenticed to a draper in Fishguard, Wales, and other traders in both Newport, Wales and London, England. After a number of unsuccessful ventures, he settled in Cardiff to establish his own business. The business was a success, and in August 1867 Howell moved to larger premises in 13 St Mary Street, adding new departments for carpets, furnishings, millinery goods and funeral services at 12 St Mary Street in 1869. The business continued to expand and during the following decade a furniture ware house was acquired in Wharton Street, Cardiff and further shops added in St Mary Street. By 1883, the shop occupied 9-14 St Mary Street and had acquired Biggs Brewery to the rear, fronting Trinity Street. The shop then continued to expand into Trinity Street where new premises were secured to house the furniture departments.

By 1892, the shop had grown to 36,800 square feet and traded under the name James Howell & Co . In the 1890s, Howell acquired more premises in Wharton Street and in Charles Street, Cardiff, and by 1905 employed over 400 staff.

On the death of James Howell in 1909, the ownership of the store passed to his eleven children, with the company becoming a private limited company, James Howell & Co Ltd.

Records held for James Howell & Co:

FRAS 1047
Title: Balance sheets
Date: 1897/-932
FRAS 1059
Title: Customer receipts
Date: 1898
FRAS 1060
Title: Advertisements
Date: c1870-1959
FRAS 1062
Title: Photographs
Date: 1898-c1970s

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: James Howell & Co Ltd
Dates of connection: 1909
Connection type: James Howell & Co was incorporated as James Howell & Co Ltd in 1909.

Access points: Department stores - Retail trade - Drapers

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