Company: D H Evans

Registration number:

Company name: D H Evans
Dates in business: 1878-1894

Type of business: linen draper

Type of company: Sole trader 1878

  • Oxford Street, London, England

Company history

Dan Harries Evans was born in South Wales around 1856. He was apprenticed to a draper in Wales before moving to London, England, in 1878 to start up in business on his own account. He rented a small shop at 320 Oxford Street in 1879 for the sale of linen drapery and fancy goods, where he employed two assistants. As the trade grew very quickly Evans was able to lease three adjoining properties in Oxford Street by 1885.

During the latter part of 1892, Dan Harries Evans acquired the leases of shop premises at 290-294 Oxford Street, on the opposite side of Old Cavendish Street. The store was opened to the public in 1893. The new showrooms comprised silk, costume, mantle, children's clothing, baby linens and ladies' underclothing departments. Profits for 1894 rose considerably over the previous year. In the same year the store employed circa 400 staff. Dan Harries Evans continued to develop the business by the introduction of new lines, such as groceries, general provisions, ironmongery and glassware. This growth required a considerable capital investment and, in April 1894, Evans announced the creation of a limited liability company, D H Evans & Co Ltd.

Records held for D H Evans:

FRAS 380
Title: Title deeds relating to property acquired for department stores.
Date: 1836-1943

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: D H Evans & Co Ltd
Dates of connection: 1894
Connection type: D H Evans was incorporated as D H Evans & Co Ltd in 1894

Access points: Drapers - Linen drapers - Retail trade - Department stores

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