Company: Nithco Manufacturing Co Ltd

Registration number: 283876

Company name: Nithco Manufacturing Co Ltd
Dates in business: 1934-1990

Type of business: manufacturers and wholesale distributors

Type of company: Private limited liability company

  • Carlisle, England

Company history

Nithco Manufacturing Co Ltd, manufacturers and wholesale distributors, of Carlisle, England, was registered as a private limited company in January 1934 by Binns Ltd, department store retailers, of Sunderland, England.

In April 1953, House of Fraser Ltd, department store retailers, of Glasgow, Scotland, acquired Binns Ltd together with Nithco Manufacturing Co Ltd. Nithco Manufacturing Co Ltd was dissolved in 1990.

Records held for Nithco Manufacturing Co Ltd:

FRAS 194
Title: Memorandum and articles of association
Date: January 1934
FRAS 196
Title: Correspondence and papers relating to registration of Nithco Manufacturing Co Ltd and purchase of Nithco trademark
Date: 1934
FRAS 1534
Title: Minutes of meetings of board of directors and general meetings of shareholders
Date: 1934-1941
FRAS 195
Title: Annual returns
Date: 1948-1976
FRAS 197
Title: Annual accounts
Date: 1934-1954
FRAS 198
Title: Sales figures
Date: 1946-1952

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Binns Ltd
Dates of connection: 1934
Connection type: Binns Ltd established Nithco Manufacturing Co Ltd in 1934.
Corporation name: House of Fraser Ltd
Dates of connection: 1953
Connection type: House of Fraser Ltd acquired Nithco Manufacturing Co Ltd in 1953.

Access points: Manufacturers - Wholesale trade

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