Company: Cochranes Stores Ltd

Company name: Cochranes Stores Ltd
Dates in business: 1938-1953

Type of business: ladies outfitters

Type of company: Private limited liability company

  • Baxters Place, Edinburgh, Scotland

Management of company

Company history

In July 1938, the Scottish Drapery Corporation Ltd, management holding company, of Edinburgh, acquired Cochranes Store, a ladies outfitters, of Baxters Place, Edinburgh as a subsidiary of J D Blair & Sons Ltd, drapers, of Edinburgh. A new private limited liability company was formed under the name of Cochranes Stores Ltd to carry on the company's business. In September 1952, the Scottish Drapery Corporation Ltd and its subsidiaries were acquired by House of Fraser Ltd, department store retailers, of Glasgow, Scotland.

Records held for Cochranes Stores Ltd:

FRAS 160
Title: Private ledger
Date: 1938-1953
FRAS 762
Title: Private ledger and expenses ledger trial balances
Date: 1948-1952

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Scottish Drapery Corporation Ltd
Dates of connection: 1938-1952
Connection type: Cochranes Stores Ltd was a subsidiary of the Scottish Drapery Corporation Ltd.
Corporation name: House of Fraser Ltd
Dates of connection: 1952
Connection type: Cochranes Stores Ltd was acquired by House of Fraser Ltd in 1952.

Access points: Outfitters - Retail trade

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