Company: A & R Milne

Company name: A & R Milne
Dates in business: fl 1950

Type of business: drapers

  • Union Street, Aberdeen, Scotland

Company history

A & R Milne ran a drapers' shop at 229 Union Street, Aberdeen. In September 1950, the business and heritable property was acquired by Watt & Grant Ltd, drapers, also of Union Street, a subsidiary of the Scottish Drapery Corporation. It was decided to continue trade in the shop under the same name in order to preserve the goodwill the name carried. Watt & Grant Ltd were the sole partners of A & R Milne.

Records held for A & R Milne:

FRAS 127
Title: A & R Milne branch private ledger
Date: 1951-1953
FRAS 128
Title: A & R Milne branch private journal
Date: 1950-1953

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Watt & Grant Ltd
Dates of connection: 1950
Connection type: A & R Milne was acquired by Watt & Grant Ltd in 1950.

Access points: Drapers - Retail trade

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