Company: Arnott & Co Ltd

Registration number:

Company name: Arnott & Co Ltd
Dates in business: 1891-1936

Type of business: drapers

Type of company: Private limited liability company

  • Jamaica Street, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Adam's Court Lane, Glasgow, Scotland

Management of company

On the incorporation of the company in 1891, there were four directors: Sir John Arnott, Thomas Leburn Arnott, Robert Brown, who became managing director, and John Alexander Arnott, a Bristol shipowner. When the company was acquired by Fraser, Sons & Co Ltd in 1936, the existing directors were replaced.

Company history

Arnott & Co Ltd, drapers, was incorporated in December 1891. In 1903 the warehouse, in Jamaica Street, was remodelled and in 1906, the store frontage was extensively altered creating a new entrance and additional window area. The business traded successfully for many decades but during the 1920s began to experience severe cash flow problems and profits continued to diminish throughout the 1930s. In May 1936, the company was acquired by Fraser, Sons & Co Ltd, drapers, of Glasgow. The company was wound up and, in June 1936, a new company, also called Arnott & Co Ltd, was incorporated.

Records held for Arnott & Co Ltd:

FRAS 302
Title: Photograph of Jamaica Street, Glasgow
Date: c 1900s

Related People and Companies:

Corporation name: Arnott & Co
Dates of connection: 1891
Connection type: Arnott & Co was incorporated as Arnott & Co Ltd in 1891.
Corporation name: Fraser Sons & Co Ltd
Dates of connection: 1936-1938
Connection type: Arnott & Co Ltd was acquired by Fraser Sons & Co Ltd in 1936.
Corporation name: Arnott & Co Ltd
Dates of connection: 1936
Connection type: Arnott & Co Ltd was wound up and a new company, of the same name, established in 1936.

Access points: Drapers - Retail trade

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