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Display management - Army & Navy Stores Ltd

Dates: 1871-1981
Description: Display management is the activity of managing the display of goods to the public. It includes both interior display and window display.

Biographical history
In the early days, little was seen on display. Customers asked for what they wanted, and if there was a question of choice, a selection was brought. (centeneray publication) Originally, no display windows in Victoria Street to attract general public, because at that time, general public was not admitted. No display windows were required because the store was for members only. In 1920, Sir Aston Webb was employed to install display windows and redesign the frontage of the Victoria Street store, since the store was in practice, if not in theory, now open to all. The windows were achieved, but the whole plan wasn't carried out. (Moss) Trade remained depressed throughout early 1920s and efforts were made to widen membership. Advertising campaign. In 1922, the Victoria Street front was improved by the introduction of floodlighting and display windows. Later, glass shopfronts were introduced on the Howick Place side.

Companies and People:
Army & Navy Stores Ltd
Dates: 1871-1981
FRAS 305
Title: Minutes of meetings of board of directors
Date: 1871-1964
FRAS 554
Title: Instructions for sales staff
Date: late 1960s
FRAS 506
Title: Staff guides
Date: 1950-late 1960s
FRAS 527
Title: Promotional booklet entitled Utopian shopping
Date: c 1920s
FRAS 538
Title: Photographs of staff, stores and workshops in England
Date: 1872-c 1970s
FRAS 617
Title: Presscuttings
Date: 1876-1982
FRAS 616
Title: Photographs of branches and staff in India
Date: c 1892-1930s
FRAS 706
Title: Postcard of exterior of Victoria Street store
Date: c 1900s
FRAS 555
Title: Postcards of store exterior and departments
Date: c late 1930s
FRAS 776
Title: Illustrated history of Army & Navy Stores Ltd
Date: 1971
Marketing (1871-1981)

Display management was an activity carried out to fulfil the function of marketing.

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