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Advertising management - Army & Navy Stores Ltd

Dates: 1871-1981
Description: Advertising management is the activity of managing the attraction of public attention to a product or business. Advertising may be done via periodicals (eg newspapers, shopping publications, magazines), direct mail (eg circulars, leaflets, catalogues, store publications), telephone, broadcast advertising media (eg tv, radio), internet and outdoor advertising.

Biographical history
The Society did not originally advertise widely, due to the fact that it was not open to the general public. It did, however, advertise its products and services to its members. From 1872, it regularly published a general price list of all its goods (ref: FRAS 313). The price list was originally published quarterly and could be obtained at the store or posted on application to the secretary after payment of postage. Alternatively, on payment of an annual subscription, members could have a copy posted to them each quarter immediately after publication. From January 1879, the price lists were published half yearly instead of quarterly. At the same time, the Society introduced a monthly circular (ref: FRAS 504) which featured seasonal goods, price alterations and new lines stocked by the Society since the publication of the previous general price list. The circular was published on the first day of each of the months in between the general price lists. It was sent free to shareholders and life members in the UK. Annual subscribers had to pay a subscription to the secretary. Both the price lists and the circulars included tradesmen's advertisements. By 1913, the Society had introduced a special Christmas circular which it issued in November. It had also introduced spring and autumn fashion lists and winter and summer sale lists, which it issued in January and July. All of these were sent free to members upon application. By 1908, the price list was issued yearly, and, by 1925, only from time to time. In 1939, because of the short supply of merchandise during the second world war, the production of the general price list and the monthly circular was discontinued. The Society also published separate price lists for its branches in India. Of these, only the 1933 price list for the Bombay branch (ref: FRAS 582) and the title page of the 1901Calcutta branch price list (ref: FRAS 583) survive. In the 1880s, the Society began publishing specific price lists for particular departments or products, in addition to the general price lists and the circulars. A list of these special price lists was printed in the general price list. In the 1908 general price list, 36 were listed. In the 1925-1926 issue, this had risen to 60. All special price lists were sent free on application to the secretary. During the late 1900s, trade became less buoyant and efforts were made to attract custom by advertising on railway stations and omnibuses. In the 1920s, when trade was depressed, the Society published an illustrated advertising booklet called Utopian shopping (ref: FRAS 527). Later, in 1952, when the company was attempting to extend its business, it launched a massive advertising campaign. Between 1953 and 1968, the company acquired several other stores. Most of these stores retained their original names but the company began to advertise and promote them under the A & N banner. The 1960s and 1970s saw a continuation of the company's high level of advertising, as is witnessed by a scrapbook of its advertisements, 1966-1973 (ref: FRAS 696). Advertising policy was set by the board of directors. Any decisions regarding advertising policy were recorded in the board minutes (ref: FRAS 305).

Companies and People:
Army & Navy Stores Ltd
Dates: 1871-1981
FRAS 305
Title: Minutes of meetings of board of directors
Date: 1871-1964
FRAS 313
Title: General price lists
Date: 1872-1939
FRAS 504
Title: Circulars
Date: 1892-1939
FRAS 583
Title: Title page from Calcutta branch price list
Date: 1901
FRAS 582
Title: Bombay branch price list
Date: 1933
FRAS 524
Title: Canteen and export price lists
Date: 1889-1896
FRAS 513
Title: Militia training kit price list
Date: 1891
FRAS 314
Title: Officers' cases price list
Date: c 1890s
FRAS 514
Title: Imperial yeomanry officers' grocery cases price list
Date: 1900
FRAS 544
Title: Imperial yeomanry men's grocery case price list
Date: 1900
FRAS 515
Title: Imperial yeomanry men's cigarettes case price list
Date: 1900
FRAS 516
Title: Christmas hampers for South Africa price list
Date: 1900
FRAS 517
Title: Grocery department price list of articles suitable for troops in South Africa
Date: 1901
FRAS 518
Title: Biscuits price list
Date: 1909
FRAS 522
Title: Tea price list
Date: 1913-1914
FRAS 523
Title: Groceries and provisions retail price list
Date: 1915
FRAS 519
Title: Officers' active service cases price list
Date: 1915
FRAS 520
Title: Selected goods suitable for active service price list
Date: 1915
FRAS 521
Title: Expeditionary force parcels price list
Date: 1915
FRAS 533
Title: Motor department catalogue
Date: 1920s
FRAS 526
Title: Catering department catalogue entitled Catering for all social functions
Date: c 1920s
FRAS 315
Title: Food price lists
Date: 1923-1938
FRAS 505
Title: Departmental price lists
Date: 1927-1936
FRAS 532
Title: Motor cars and motoring accessories catalogue
Date: early 1930s
FRAS 531
Title: Motoring equipment catalogue
Date: late 1930s
FRAS 534
Title: Drug department catalogue
Date: c 1940
FRAS 536
Title: Jewellery department catalogue
Date: c 1950s
FRAS 539
Title: Jewellery department price list
Date: c 1950s
FRAS 553
Title: Gift catalogue
Date: c 1960s
FRAS 528
Title: Christmas wine and food cases and hampers catalogue
Date: c 1960s
FRAS 545
Title: Christmas gifts catalogue
Date: 1972
FRAS 529
Title: Christmas guide
Date: 1974
FRAS 562
Title: Advertisement and menu for Army & Navy food marquee at Epsom
Date: 1902
FRAS 530
Title: Advertisement for auto vacuum freezer (for making ice cream)
Date: 1924
FRAS 527
Title: Promotional booklet entitled Utopian shopping
Date: c 1920s
FRAS 681
Title: Advertisement for Army & Navy Stores Ltd in London, Bombay and Calcutta
Date: 1937
FRAS 696
Title: Scrapbook of advertisements
Date: 1966-1973
FRAS 612
Title: Magazine advertising Army & Navy stores in Surrey
Date: c 1980
Marketing (1871-1981)

Advertising management was an activity carried out to fulfil the function of marketing.

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